Written on 04/23/2019

Ages: 10 and up
Group Size: Any
Materials Needed: None


  1. Have the whole group gather in a contained area.
  2. Explain the evolution of all life in our group goes in this order: First the egg, then the chicken, the dinosaur, rock star, superhero.
  3. Each stage of evolution has a corresponding action – egg is low to the ground with hands over their head, chicken walks like a chicken and clucks, dinosaur has arms outstretched like big jaws, rock star mimes playing the guitar.
  4. Remind players that they can only do Rock Paper Scissors with someone who is at the same stage of evolution, this encourages players to interact with many different people, not just their friends. 

How to Play: 

  • Everyone begins as an egg. 
  • Players mix up, pair up and play Rock Paper Scissors 
  • The person who wins evolves to the next step, the person who did not win goes down a stage.  If the player is already an egg s/he remains an egg.
  • Players pair up again, only with someone who is in the same stage of evolution. 
  • When a player evolves all the way to a superhero, s/he is finished and can fly around the area.
  • Play for ten minutes or until you have at least one superhero.

Variation: Allow players who lose Rock Paper Scissors to remain at their current stage of evolution. This makes the game go a little faster.