Modify Activities

Modify Activities

Written on 05/15/2020

  • Modify activities to provide a fun, engaging experience for members.
    • Get members engaged in helping to modify their favorite games.
    • Leverage the YD Toolbox and Asphalt Green for activities. In the YD ToolBox, you will find that activities have been labeled to indicate if they meet social distancing guidelines or can easily be modified to meet them.  
    • When choosing and modifying activities, consider the following questions:
      • Can this activity be modified to meet social distancing guidelines?
      • Where is this activity appropriate to facilitate? Inside/Outside? What room in the Club is optimal for this activity?
      • Is there adequate space to allow 6-feet of distance between all members and staff?
      • How many members can participate in this activity and meet social distancing guidelines?
      • What supplies are needed for this activity? Whenever possible, members and staff should have their own supplies and equipment. Avoid sharing equipment, and plan for cleaning time and wipe down throughout the day and after each activity.
    • Clearly explain and check for understanding to ensure members know the new way to play the game or participate in the activity. Members will be excited, and they will forget. Gently remind them of the new way of playing by modeling or explaining again how the game/activity has been modified to keep them safe. Ideas for modifications include:
      • Designate clear boundaries.
      • Have members standing/sitting on colored spots or tape in designated areas.
      • Play sitting down if space is limited indoors.
      • Play the game while standing on one leg.
      • To modify a running game, have members begin walking around the designated area. Use movement modifications to make this more playful (e.g. a runway walk, slow-motion walk, zombie walk, etc.)
      • Play “soccer style” and kick a ball on the ground instead of tossing it.
      • If an activity or game is played with a large number of players, consider breaking into small groups to play.
    • Establish a fun attention getter that signals members to stop what they are doing and pay attention so you can quickly get the group under control if they get excited. 

Recogntion of others is an important element of a high quality Club experience.   Members will remembering once rituals and routines are established that support social distancing. It is important to remember they will at times forget. Gentle reminders of why we need to practice social distancing will be important, especially in the beginning of a new program season. Staff modeling the behavior will reinforce member's behavior. 

Engage member's in the design  and set up of the course.  Pair the members in groups to ensure no one individual is singled out. The goal is for the members to work together to improve their team time.  Be mindful to assign only one member to each task (timer, charter of times) to ensure CDC guidelines are met.  

Use visual cues to assist members in social distancing. Colored tape is useful for this purpose. Using an X for no touch zone areas is an easy  visual reminder of the 6 feet rule. 

To ensure all equipment remains compliant with CDC guidelines it is recommended that each member have their own crayons, pencils , equipment, etc. In this scenario straws and small plastic balls are used. This eqipument can be reused by each individual member and stored in their bag for future use.  If there is not enough equipment for each individual to have their own equipment modify the game so that the equipment is not needed or only one person touches the equipment. See the No- Hands Soccer game as a modified  example. All equipment needs to be cleaned and sanatized daily and after each session if utilized by a new member in the next session.